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This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with our beloved MR2 SCs and other MR2s and Toyota vehicles. The information is divided into the following categories:
MR2 Owners Clubs & Chapters
Informational MR2 Links
Personal MR2 Web Pages
Vendors of MR2 Parts and Services
Related Links
Official Toyota Web Sites

MR2Owners Clubs & Chapters

-Northeast Regional MR2 Owners Club.(IMOC)

-Southeast Regional MR2 Owners Club.(IMOC)

-Southern California MR2 Owners Club.(IMOC)

-Northern California MR2 Owners Club.(IMOC)

dot.gif (897 bytes)Mid-Atlantic MR2 Owner's Club. (IMOC)

-Texas Region MR2 Owners Club.(IMOC)

-Washington DC Area MR2 Owners Club (IMOC)

-Hong Kong MR2 Owners Club (IMOC)

-Tennesse Region MR2 Owners Club (IMOC)

-Northern Kentucky MR2 Owners

-Arizona MR2 Owners Club (IMOC)

-Indiana MR2 Owners Club (IMOC)

-Northern Ireland MR2 Club (branch of UKMR2DC)

-Toronto MR2 Club

-North American Motorsports (Used to be SCCA).

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Informational MR2 Links

- Check MR2.COM for the most complete information on the MR2

- Club MR2

- Searchable MR2 mailing list archives

- MR2Pages - A Web Based MR2 Bulletin Board 

DOT.GIF (897 bytes) The MR2 MKII Registry has all the Info on 91 and later MR2s.

DOT.GIF (897 bytes) Check our for info on the MKIII

dot.gif (897 bytes) MR2.ORG - Home of the MR2 FAQ

dot.gif (897 bytes) The MR2 MKI Archive by Steve Neese

dot.gif (897 bytes) MR2 PAGES Web based Forums

- For all kinds of Toyota mod information check out Matti's Home Page.

- Daryl's Unofficial ToyotaWeb Site list.

- Toyota Modifications Info Server

- Toyota MR2 Mechanics Database

- Toyora Service Articles

- HTML searchable mailing list archives

- Huge index of MR2 sites

- Matti and Helene's Toyota Page


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Personal MR2 WebPages

dot.gif (897 bytes)Steve Bagdon's MR2 site

dot.gif (897 bytes)Dave Aucott's MR2 & 240Z Page

dot.gif (897 bytes)Mike Gruber's MR2 Page

dot.gif (897 bytes)Mark Nias MR2 Site

dot.gif (897 bytes)Daryl Baker's MR2 Site

dot.gif (897 bytes) Rob's MR2 Page - Interesting SC stuff from down under here

dot.gif (897 bytes)David Lillywhite's Classic Cars Buyer guide to the MKI

dot.gif (897 bytes)All about MR2 Models, Kits and Toys

dot.gif (897 bytes)Tommy Guttman's site

dot.gif (897 bytes)Ray Hall's Turbocharged 20v '87

dot.gif (897 bytes)Scott McBurney's Page

dot.gif (897 bytes)Raymond Baastaad's MR2 Page

dot.gif (897 bytes)Roger Prior's EPC Page

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Vendors of MR2 Parts and Services


- SPX/OTC Tools - Special Service Tool (SST) vendor

-AMIR Japanese Engine Rebuilders & Importers.

-ATK Import & Rebuilt Engines.

-D & D Engine Wholesale Warehouse.

-Engine Exchange.

-ForeignParts Connection Import

-Midwest Engine Sales.

-Rising Sun Import & Rebuilt Engines.

-SOKO Import & Rebuilt Engines.

-Toyota Auto Parts TAP Recyclers.

-Steve Millen Sportparts



-Jay Marks Toyota Toyota & TRD parts discounts

    Talk to Jeff Watson and remeber to say you're an IMOC Member


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Related Links

- The Corolla Page - A page dedicated to the Corolla, but this link takes you to the 7AFE<>GE conversion

- Matti's Toyota website - Resource on many Toyota models

- Gunter Automotive - Another great resource on Toyota cars

- Club 4AG - Little MR2 info, but lots of nice 4AG cars and projects. Be aware, it plays annoying music

- Russell's AutoPage - A page with mostly Toyota Engine and Gearbox info


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Toyota's Corporate Web Sites 

-For Official US Toyota Factory WEB Site.

- The New US Toyota WebSite

-For Official Canadian Toyota Factory WEB Site.

-For Official Australian Toyota Factory WEB Site.

-For Official Japanese Toyota Factory WEB Site.

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This list was revised: September 18, 2004.