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This page has been wholly lifted (Except the MR2 SC Stuff) from Geoff Seely's extremely useful MR2.COM. All the credit should be heaped upon Geoff. I was designing my own page and using his for reference (only) when it dawned on me that it just couldn't be done better, more concise or clearer.

MR2 SC Interest Mailing List (MR2SC)

These lists are about Toyota MR2 Supercharged sports cars sold from 1986 to 1989 (in North America from 1988 to 1989).

Action EMail Address
TO POST TO THE LIST: mr2sc@lists.mr2sc.com
TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE LIST: http://lists.mr2sc.com/mailman/listinfo/mr2sc
TO GET OFF THE LIST: http://lists.mr2sc.com/mailman/listinfo/mr2sc



FOR A LIST OF MAIL COMMANDS  Send a message to 


with the word `help' in the subject or body (don't include the quotes), and you will get back a message with instructions.

MR2 SC Archives from 1998 through November 2000
TO VIEW THE OLD ARCHIVES http://www.onelist.com/archives.cgi/mr2sc
AN INDEX TO THE OLD ARCHIVES  http://www.onelist.com/arcindex.cgi?listname=mr2sc

MR2 Interest Mailing List (MR2-Interest)

These lists are about Toyota MR2 sports cars, both the older "Mark I" style sold from 1985 to 1989, and the newer "Mark II" style sold (in North America) from 1991 to 1995.

If you subscribed just to get answers to a few questions, please start by reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Document where you'll find answers to many common questions.


Action EMail Address First line in BODY of message
TO POST TO THE LIST: mr2-interest@mr2.com  
TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE LIST: mr2-interest-request@mr2.com subscribe
TO GET OFF THE LIST: mr2-interest-request@mr2.com unsubscribe
TO RETRIEVE THIS DOCUMENT: mr2-interest-request@mr2.com info
TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE DIGEST: mr2-digest-request@mr2.com subscribe
TO GET OFF THE DIGEST: mr2-digest-request@mr2.com unsubscribe
(See also Mailing List Archives)
mr2-digest-request@mr2.com help
mr2-digest-request@mr2.com index
mr2-digest-request@mr2.com get v02.n0NN
(See also Mailing List Archives)
TO POST TO THE ANNOUNCE LIST: mr2-announce@mr2.com  
TO GET ON THE ANNOUNCE LIST: mr2-announce-request@mr2.com subscribe
TO GET OFF THE ANNOUNCE LIST: mr2-announce-request@mr2.com unsubscribe

NOTE: The keywords such as "subscribe", "unsubscribe", etc., MUST be in the BODY of the message, and NOT in the Subject: or other header lines.

Anything *reasonably* related to Toyota MR2's may be posted there. This mailing list is currently unmoderated; please help keep it that way.


What's the Difference between MR2-Interest, MR2-Digest, and MR2-Announce?


TO POST TO THE LIST AND DIGEST: mr2-interest@mr2.com
mr2-interest sends postings out immediately. mr2-digest bunches up a number of postings and then sends them all at once. mr2-interest and mr2-digest get everything posted to mr2-interest, mr2-digest, and mr2-announce, so don't subscribe to more than one.
TO POST TO THE ANNOUNCE LIST: mr2-announce@mr2.com
mr2-announce is for URGENT matters. Announcements go out immediately to everybody on mr2-announce, mr2-interest AND mr2-digest.

Anybody may make an announcement - but only announcements of interest to all members world-wide, and requests for "emergency" advice are appropriate here. Examples of emergencies: You need expert advice to make a repair or purchase decision on short notice. Discussions are not appropriate. If you have advice for an emergency situation, send it to the requester directly by email. If you want to carbon copy your response, copy it to the interest or digest. Do NOT copy to the ANNOUNCE list. The prohibition against discussions is not enforced automatically now; please help keep it that way.


TO GET ON THE ANNOUNCE LIST: mr2-announce-request@mr2.com "subscribe"
Subscribe to the announce list if you ONLY want to receive postings to the announce list, and do not want to receive the digest or regular list.

If you have a question that isn't answered by the FAQ, and you ask on the lists, and you get useful responses, please summarize them in a summary message to the list where you asked the question so others may benefit. "Summarize" means explain what you learned, not simply concatenate all the messages you received with headers, signatures, and duplicate info intact.


For the Benefit of the People who Maintain this List

Please try to keep messages under 5000 characters, try not to send from an e-mail account that is not subscribed, and try not to use the words 'help' or 'subscribe' in the subject or first few lines of the body. Any of these things will cause your message to go to the list maintainers for approval and will delay its appearance.

Please unsubscribe from all your mailing lists before closing an account with an ISP - so we don't have to do it for you.

On an average day in April 1997, about 100,000 bytes were transmitted as 50 or more individual messages and as 3 or more digests. Before you subscribe from work, be sure your employer tolerates that level of non-business related individual email.

A mailing list is not a club, although announcements from various regional MR2 clubs appear here from time to time.


Subject Headings (MK I or MK II?)

The volume of messages makes it incumbent on all of us to make our Subject: lines as explicit as possible. In particular, if it falls into any of the following categories, please start your Subject: header line with

- "MKI NA": posting only applicable to 1985-89 normally aspirated "Mark I" angular MR2's
- "MKI SC": posting only applicable to 1985-89 supercharged "Mark I" angular MR2's
- "MKII NA": posting only applicable to 1991-95 normally aspirated "Mark II" rounded MR2's
- "MKII TURBO": posting only applicable to 1991-95 MR2's with factory turbos

Please follow the category with your subject like "brake/supsension questions" or "replacement turbo needed". The time we save in doing this way is our own. If your posting doesn't fall into any of these categories, don't worry about using a special header.


Other Resources

There is a web page (which you are currently at) maintained by Geoff Seeley. You'll find an "FAQ" of answers to frequently-asked-questions and a wealth of other information. As with other mailing lists and newsgroups, it's good to start by reading the FAQ.

Archives are available as well.


What Does That Mean?

Here's a small list of acronyms that are often used in E-mail, chat rooms, and the MR2 list:

- BTW - By the way
- IMO - In my opinion
- IMHO - In my humble opinion
- ISP - Internet Service Provider
- PITA - Pain in the ass
- RPITA - Real pain in the ass
- WOT - Wide open throttle
- WTF - What the f***
- YMMV - Your mileage may vary


About Electronic Mailing Lists

Your name will usually be removed from the list if a posting bounces due to "user unknown", "configuration error", "filesystem full", or the like. No email is sent in these cases, so if the list gets very quiet, you probably have been removed. If you post a message and get numerous bounce replies, do not be concerned or forward them to anybody. They are proof that your message got through to the majority of the list - that's why you got bounces from the minority.

Before posting to these or any other mailing lists or newsgroups, please read the advice posted monthly to news.announce.newusers. The most important convention for preserving the quality of electronic communication is just: "praise in public, criticize in private." If you think somebody is dead wrong, send email to that person. Don't start a flame war in view of the whole list. If somebody else fails to observe that convention, remember "better to be silent and be thought a fool than hit ^D and remove all doubt".

Do not use this or any public mailing list to plan any illegal activity, whether traffic violations or copyright violations or anything else. To do so exposes the list maintainers to potential legal problems they don't need and can't afford.

- "MR2 List Owner" (a href="mailto:owner-mr2@slapshot.hockey.net">owner-mr2@slapshot.hockey.net)


Toyota Modifications Mailing List (toyota-mods)

There is also an Internet mailing list for the discussion of performance modifications to Toyota vehicles.

To subscribe to the Toyota-Mods mailing list, send email to Majordomo@CyberAuto.com and put "subscribe toyota-mods yourid@yoursite (Your real name)" in the body of the message. To unsubscribe, do the same but with "unsubscribe toyota-mods yourid@yoursite (Your real name)" in the body."

To send mail to the Toyota-Mods mailing list, send email to toyota-mods@cyberspace.cyberauto.com

Your first message from the list will detail some information that the owners of the mailing list require for you to be kept on the list.

For further information, see the Toyota Modifications InfoServer.


Toyota Mailing List (toyota-l)

Finally, there is an Internet mailing list for the discussion of Toyota vehicles in general.

To subscribe to the Toyota mailing list, send email to:

- toyota-request@btoy1.rochester.ny.us - For individual posts from the list
- toyota-d-request@btoy1.rochester.ny.us - For a daily digest of the list

Your email to the above address(es) should contain the word "subscribe" in the SUBJECT line of the message and the body of the message should be empty

To send mail to the Toyota mailing list, direct your messages to toyota@btoy1.rochester.ny.us

View the information posting on using the toyota-l list.


Toyota Supra Mailing List

This is an informal, unmoderated list for the discussion of Toyota Supras and Celica Supras. The list is also referred to as the Supra Owners Group. The Supra Owners Group maintains a mailing list and a Web site.


Celica All-Trac/GT4 Mailing List

Send email to mbentall@aol.com requesting to be added to this mailing list discussing Celica All-Trac and GT4s.



(The following is from the DIY-Turbo mailing list welcome message)

Welcome to diy-turbo! This is a very well-defined group with one goal: To study and promote the use of turbochargers on automobiles! While anyone is allowed to join, the following rules must be followed:


  1. Before posting, you should have a very strong working knowledge of turbocharging, or have studied the subject via a significant text such as Hugh MacInnes' _Turbochargers_.
  2. Before posting, you should have read either all of the backposts or the FAQ, at such time as a FAQ is available.
  3. This will be a _single_thread_ mailing list. A subject or question will be presented for discussion by the diy-turbo-owner, and that subject will be the sole thread of discussion until the majority of the group feels that enough has been written.
  4. To propose a subject or question for discussion, send email to diy-turbo-owner@cyberauto.com with subject "Discussion Suggestion" and your idea in the body. When the current subject of discussion has been exhausted, a list of currently available suggestions will be posted for consideration by the group.
  5. Violators will be terminiated from the list toot suite.

Why so pedantic? Mostly due to my many years of mailing list administration. I'd like to actually create a list that has a goal and a final product. If we would have had some decent format for the Toyota Mods list (from which this group is originally derived) we would now have the basis for an excellent book. Unfortunately, this was not done, and the same subjects are repeated over and over, and the majority of the wonderful responses have been long lost to 10's of megabytes of boring archives.

Please don't introduce yourself to the group as we do on the TM list. Simply read all of the backposts, study the thread of discussion as it currently exists, and post your comments when you feel you have something valuable to add.

A few reminders:


To Subscribe:

       Mail:  majordomo@cyberauto.com
    Subject:  (blank)
       Body:  subscribe diy-turbo (optional email address)

To Suggest a New Topic of Discussion: Mail: diy-turbo-owner@cyberauto.com Subject: Discussion Suggestion Body: (A brief synopsis of your idea.)

To Post: Mail: diy-turbo@cyberauto.com Subject: (Whatever the thread of discussion is) Body: (Your valuable comments pertinent to the thread.)

To Unsubscribe: Mail: majordomo@cyberauto.com Subject: (blank) Body: unsubscribe diy-turbo (optional email address)


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