Nashville Nights '99

Presented by the

Tennessee Region IMOC and The MR2 Supercharged Registry

May 7- 9, 1999

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What We Did


    Socializing with whoever shows up on Friday. This is slated to be very casual. We'll checkout the night life of Nashville until you're ready to end the evening. We had two main groups. One group went downtown to checkout the HardRock Cafe and another group went to dinner closer to the motel. Then we hung around and talked about MR2's


    About 15 people met at the local Shoney's for breakfast at 8:00 am. We then gathered in the Kroger parking lot across the street to check each others cars out. There were about 25 MR2s that showed up. We left for the Rally at about 11:30 am. There was a short drivers meeting. We took a 3 hour drive through the backroads of TN & KY ending up at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. After the museum we went to Hops Microbrewery for dinner. We all went back to the motel and hung out and (surprise!) talked about MR2's. Some of the group struck out on their own to explore Nashville.


    Those who cared to partake or watch caravaned to the local SCCA autocross at Twin Fountains Track. This is an extremely fun track and mixes the best aspects of autocrossing with open track racing. The track is wide, smooth and full of turns. There are also stands for the spectators, concession stands and real bathrooms!

        After two gourgeous days of weather in Nashville, Sunday morning started out gloomy and threatened to rain. At about 11:00 am it fufilled it's promise and began to rain. The SCCA club held the drivers meeting in the rain and the first driving session was held (in true F1 fashion) in the rain. This provided lots of entertainment for the fans in the stands. There were many MR2s participating and for awhile a white MR2 MKI NA held FTD (fastest time of day).


Nashville Nights '99 Attendees

If you attended but don't see your name, send email to Steve Hoult.

Name Vehicle Coming From Club Affiliation
Dale Adkins 91 NA Hendersonville, TN TR IMOC
Steve Hoult 89 SC Nashville, TN TR IMOC
Joe Shutte 93T Cincinnati Ohio
Kameron Vanover 89 NA Cincinnati Ohio
Michelle & Joel Clark 93T South Carolina SE IMOC
Dan LaFon 88 NA Baton Rouge, LA SE IMOC
Donald Chalfant (The Strawberry Kid) 89 SC Biloxi, MS SE IMOC
Dane Miller 93 NA Knoxville, TN TR IMOC
Doug DeLong 91T Murfreesboro, TN TR IMOC
Joe Vick & Amanda Gresham 89 SC Atlanta, GA
John Vick & Melanie 88 SC Atlanta, GA
Matt Hoyt MR2 Bowling Green, KY
Bart Bednarz 91 NA Murfreesboro, TN TR IMOC
Dave Greene 91T Nashville, TN TR IMOC
Ray Smith 93T Goodlettsville, TN TR IMOC
Chris Young 93 NA Nashville, TN TR IMOC
Randy March 91T or 93T Nashville, TN TR IMOC
Juan Martinez 91 NA Louisville, KY
David Hawkins 93T P'Cola, FL SE IMOC
Arthur Bastidas 88 SC Athens, Ga SE IMOC
Phil Naut 92T Stone Mountain, GA SE IMOC
Geno Salvati 93T St. Louis, MO IMOC (National)
Chad Toennis 93 NA Cincinnati,Ohio
Ian Gopez 86 NA Tallahassee, FL SE IMOC


We would like to thank the following Companies for their donations to this event


K&N Filters                                         $75 gift Certificate                       

Toyo Tires                                           Logo Jacket, Gym bag and Hat  

Unorthodox Racing                               Underdrive Pulley for MKIIs                  

GrassRoots Motor Sports Magazine         6 month subscriptions & T-Shirts                       

ZUM                                                    MR2 T-Shirts

Stillen Automotive                   T-Shirts


If you have any pictures (digital or paper) or videos, please contact Steve Hoult. We'd love to put the pictures up on the web site or be able to make dups of the video for people......