Pictures from Nashville Nights '99

Pictures from Motel 6 Friday Night

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View from Motel 6 Balcony       One of these cars was the lead car for the rally. Guess which?      The Vick Brothers pair of SCs      Arthur Bastida's super clean MKI SC     

Pictured from left. Dan LaFon (88 NA), Juan Martinez (91NA), Dane Miller (93 NA), Luke Kolin 91-92 MKII

Steve Hoult's 1986 Mustang LX (V6, Auto), Joe & Lisa Shutte (93T), Kameron Vanover (89 NNA)

John Vick (88 SC), Joe Vick & Amanda Gresham (89 SC), Arthur Bastidas (88 SC)

Pictures from Saturday

Twossys Galore! Look at that YELLOW grille!!!! Lots of 2s!

Saturday morning, gathered at the Krogers parking lot

Filling the Corvette Circle with Twos Field off Twos

Parked in front of the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green

Joe and Lisa Shutte - Host the Northern Kentucky Run in August Joe & John Vick, Amanda Gresham relax at Hops David Hawkins, Michelle & Joel Clark in the back, Matt Adkins in front

Gathered at Hops for dinner after the rally and museum

Pictures from the autocross at Twin Fountains Race Track on Sunday

Results from the AutoCross HERE

Hand drawn map of Twin Fountains course. NOT TO SCALE!!!