Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J6K0158959

Rob's SC at restRob autocrossing his SC

Owner - Rob Brunner Location - Kingston, Ont. CA E-Mail -
Year - 1989 Purchase Date -8/97 with 183,000 miles
Car Color - Dark Blue Pearl Previous Owner - Unknown Current Milage is 185,000

This car entered the Registry on 9/29/97 and the entry was last modified on 12/08/00 .

Options - Alloy Teardrop wheels, T-Bar, Power Windows & Door Locks, Leather Seats, Cruise Control, AM/FM/Tape, Alloy wheels

Major Service Work Performed - Replaced clutch, brakes and left rear wheel bearing.

Aftermarket Performance Mods - G-Force R type tires for autocrossing.

Audio Upgrades - None

Previous History - Owned by a company as management fleet car (yikes!). Stored indoors all it's life.

Notes - Will be prepared and extensively entered in Solo I and Solo II events in CASC (Ontario Region) and SCCA (NY State). Prepared for A/SP (CASC). 

Any Damage - None

Any MR2 Pages - My Web Page or the St. Lac Auto Club Page