Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J9K0158423

License Plate soon to read "1FASTMF"

Owner - Jonathon Mirabile

Location - Ventura CA USA

E-Mail -

Year - 89

Purchase Date - October 1996

with 86,000 miles

Car Color - Super Red

Interior Color - Black

Current mileage - 105,000

This car entered the Registry on 1/22/98 and the entry was last modified on 12/08/00

Factory Installed Options: 

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Major Service Work Performed - Did full service at 100,000 miles, car was in very good shape. Change oil every 3,500 miles or less.

AfterMarket Performance Mods

Suspension - Replaced the stock 14" Alloy Teardrop wheels with 16" Enkei 5 spoke alloy wheels and Nitto NT-450 205/40/16 tires. TRD full suspension bushing kit, Tokico Illumina adjustable struts, Eibach Pro kit Spring set w/1" lowering, Suspension Tecniques front and rear swaybar set with adjustable add-on kits & poly bushings, TRD Strut Towers and all lateral link/control arm bushings, TRD engine mounts, slotted Brembo rotors and carbon fiber brake pads, Racing wheel alignment (1.7 degree negative camber all around and 4.5 degree caster).

Engine - Formula Atlantic Head with 2mm oversize valves, Custom Forged pistons (8.0:1 CR), 81.5 mm w/Total Seal Rings, Extrude Honed intake manifold, Ceramic coated TRD header, HKS Supercharger exhaust, Web 101 cams, RC Engineering +4mm overbore enhanced throttle body with match ported supercharger inlet ($325 installed). Added 10" Spal cooling fan on underside for the intercooler which sucks cool air into the SC. Installed HKS +10mm Superchager Pulley with bypass to intake manifold, allowing 10 psi on the high end and blowby on the low end. K&N Filtercharger cone air filter in stock assembly. Nology wires and battery ground strap, NGK resistorless copper core spark plugs. Haltech E6A laptop programmable ECU and ignition control system, TRD adjustable cam gears, Synthetic 5w-50 oil. Auxillary 8 gallon race tank for the front compartment with fuel gauge, Mueller Engineering 12# Light weight flywheel, TRD Kevlar clutch, Synthetic Oil (5w-50), Redline MT90 tranny fluid.

Other -  Light "Titanium"  tint on all the windows (except the windshield of course). Hella 200mm H4 Lenses (part 72206) and 80/100 watt bluish-white lamps, Front clear corner lenses. Short shift braket and 1.5" shortened shifter with Momo Superanatomic black leather shift knob and Ken Farrel black leather shift boot. Electronic Air-Fuel ratio LED display, Boost/Vacuum gauge on dashboard, Installed Momo Corse 4 12" Red Leather and black aluminum wheel w/hub adapter.Toysport Front airdam.

Aftermarket Audio Mods - Removed the big bulky cassette deck/tuner and all the speakers, enven the lousy "subwoofer" under the seat and added two "behind the seats" enclosures and an Alpine cassette/AM/FM deck with 3 CD in dash changer system with 12 cd changer and bazooka subwooofer, and two amps (160 watt and 200 watt)--one under each seat.  Put dual cone speakers in up front, and replaced the rear pillar speakers with Infinity 3.5" 32K's.  Sounds fantastic.

Future Mods -  Get and install HKS twincharger kit, newly re-available from CAP, get and install Quafe LSD or LSD from Autralian or japanese MR2, 430-480 cc/min fuel injectors, get and install Crane Hi6 Ignition system with adjustable rev limiter, get and install ignition retard device to optimize ignition dynamically/realtime to max, Change license plate to "1FASTMF"

Problems with Car - None--all was fixed or upgraded with the pics and mods.

Previous History - Unknown, but only had one owner according to DMV inquiry.

Misc Notes - Email me if you're close by.....