Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J3K0156939

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Owner - Stuart A. Shaw

Location - Surrey BC Canada

E-Mail -

Year - 89

Purchase Date - July 4, 1999

with 78,203 miles 

Car Color - Alpine White

Interior Color - Black

Current mileage - 78,478

This car entered the Registry on 11/29/99 and the entry was last modified on 12/08/00

Factory Installed Options: 

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WB01371_.gif (289 bytes)WB01371_.gif (289 bytes) checkoff.gif (882 bytes) AM/FM checkoff.gif (882 bytes)   AM/FM/Cassette WB01371_.gif (289 bytes)  AM/FM/Cassette/CD checkoff.gif (882 bytes)

Previous History - Original Owner was Richard Chevalier ... 03/31/90...purchased from Valley Toyota in Chilliwack. Previous owner: Alvin Tam... 07/04/1999. Remainder of info not known. 

Major Service Work Performed - When originally purchased car was lowered and really handled around corners... but over bumps it was barely controlable. Over the winter I will be installing new stock springs, and generally going over the car looking for problems

AfterMarket Performance Mods - Other then the lowering kit mentioned, ... no others known. BBS alloy wheels are installed in place of the factory teardrops ones... but these are scuffed from rubbing curbs. 

Aftermarket Audio Mods - Installed new factory Toyota AM/FM/CD/Cassette radio with factory amplifier... bolts right in place. All components are from a 1999 Camry. Sounds great!

Problems with Car - None known at this time.

Misc Notes - Would like to add an HKS SC pulley. However don't have excess money to purchase one. However after reading the news about the Cusco one... maybe someone will have an HKS pulley for sale...I'll have to drop an E-mail into the basket to see if I can scrounge one up.