Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J3K0155484

Owner - Joe Daniels Location - Guelph, Ont Canada E-Mail -
Year - 89 Purchase Date - April 22, 1997 with 78,125 miles
Car Color - Super White Previous Owner - Brian Wu Current Milage is 83,940

This car entered the Registry in Mid 1997 and the entry was last modified on 12/08/2000 .

Options - Leather Seats, Power windows and door locks, Power Mirrors, Power Antenna

Aftermarket - Bolstar Wheels and BFG 205/40R16 Tires, HKS pulley, K&N Filtercharger air filter

Major Work/Service done to car - All scheduled service work has been performed.

Previous History - This car was originally leased for 4 years and then the second owner had it for the second 4 years. This car was stored winters for the last 4 years.

Any Damage - None

Misc Notes - Car is totally stock except for the above mentioned wheels/tires