Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J2K0155147

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Owner - Ryan Martin

Location - Kent WA, USA

E-Mail -

Year - 1989

Purchase Date - October, 23 1999

with 111,600 miles

Car Color - Super Red

Interior Color - Black

Current mileage - 112,500

This car entered the Registry on 01/29/99 and the entry was last modified on 12/08/00

Factory Installed Options: 

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Previous History - Car was a dealer demo for Doxon Toyota of Auburn, WA and was sold with 74 miles in July, 1989. I purchased the car from the second owner, who had the car for about 4 months. I received the window sticker, delivery checklists, and many maintenence records. 

Major Service Work Performed - Head gasket was replaced to fix an oil leak in January 1993, Exhaust leak was repaired in Feb 1996. Alternator and 90,000 mile service in January 1998. Complete brake job, belts replaced, and SC oil serviced in July 1999.

AfterMarket Performance Mods - TRD ceramic coated header, TRD stainless steel brake lines and TD carbon metallic pads, Enkei RP02 16x7 rims with Dunlop 205-45-16 tires, Suspension techniques sport springs and stabilizer bars. Tokico Illumina struts. Hella H4 headlamps with 80/100 watt bulbs.

Aftermarket Audio Mods - None

Problems with Car - Clutch master cylinder is going bad, hasn't started to leak yet but I'm replacing it soon.

Misc Notes - This is  a replacement car for my '86 NA that was totaled when I collided with a deer on October 15th. I purchased this car because almost all of the aftermarket parts on the '86 will fit on the '89.

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