Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J7K0155102

Owner - Len Falkiner Location - Hamilton, Ont. Canada E-Mail -
Year - 89 Purchase Date - August 1989 with 11 miles
Car Color - Torrid Red Previous Owner - none Current Milage is 21,655

This car entered the Registry on 9/23/97 and the entry was last modified on 9/23/97.

Options - Alloy Tear Drop Wheels, T-Tops, Power Windows and Door Locks, Leather Seats, Cruise Control, Toyota AM/FM Cassette.

Aftermarket Performance Mods: - K&N Air Filter

Major Work/Service done to car - Total Repaint, New front glass, Drivers side glass and trim following a break-in.

Any Damage - see above

Misc Notes - Had a problem with the coolant filling overflow and not drawing back into the engine when cooled down. More would enter overflow next time it was driven causing the overflow to spill over. I was advised by the Toyota dealership that it was probably a head gasket as they had already flushed the system, changed the thermostat and pressure cap. Flourescent die test showed it was not a leak. I personally drained the system, replaced the engine bleed valve (including a new washer) and refilled the system. I still had the same problem. Then I changed the pressure cap. The problem is now solved.