Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J0K0153426

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Owner - Nick Chambers Location - Peacehaven, East Sussex. UK E-Mail -
Year - 1989 Purchase Date - March 27, 1999 with 40,626 miles
Car Exterior Color - Dark Blue Pearl Car Interior Color - Black Current Milage is 42,395

This car entered the Registry on 05/22/99 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01.

Factory Installed Options: 

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Service History - Just had the 24,000 mile service.

Aftermarket Performance Mods - The gearshift is a shiny metal one, the wheel is a Momo and the petals have cheap metal covers on. The wheels are five spoke and I don't think they are an option.

Audio Upgrades -

Previous History - It was originally a Japanese car until it was brought into the UK in May 1998 by a gent who immediately sold it to a young man who lived just outside Newcastle. He then sold it to the garage who I bought it from.

The colour I have choosen from the registration list is wrong as my car is much darker the the Dark Blue Metallic and much shinier.

Notes - As per my recent mail to the MR2SC list, I have very odd decals and the words "SUPER EDITION" on the rear sun visor thingy. I also have motorised wing mirrors and a paint code no-one has heard of. :-)

        I recently bought in the UK a Japanese 1989 SC. It only had 67000km
on it and is in good condition. From talking to a UK friend of mine (Hi
Mark) it seems i may have a limited edition or similar. As it was a 1989
model i am informed that it must be one of the very last to be sold/built.
This would suggest that as is normal in the trade that Toyota may have added
a few little extras to shift the last few cars off the forecourts before the
MK2 was launched. Still with me? Good.
        My SC has colour-coded wing mirrors and door handles. The wing
mirrors are motorised. The T-tops have a slight gold tint to them which is
really visible when they are wet or in bright sunlight. the windscreen also
appears slightly gold when wet. On the boot lid i have the gold wording
Supercharger on the left and Toyota MR2 on the right as normal? On the left
light cluster i have twin cam 16G which again i think is normal? On the rear
window i have the word 'LIMITED' in gold lettering at the bottom and centre.
The gold is the same as the other wording. The sun visor thingy that is
above the rear window does not have TOYOTA on it but the words 'SUPER
EDITION' also in the same gold. It has no sign of any decals on the wings
which normally say 'supercharger' and no sign of them being removed. The
paint appears original and has a code of 8E4. That is the correct code and
the next number up from the Mica Blue. It is a very dark metallic blue that
shines like mad. It has 5 spoke alloys on which may have been added in the
UK and a Momo steering wheel that seems quite old but is probably also an
add-on. The air filter is a green mushroom type in the boot but doesn't look
like the HKS Superflow. I can't see a name on it but i may soon remove it
and inspect it properly. My chassis number is AW110153426.
        Any comments gratefully received and any pointers towards someone
who might have the answers,

Problems - It has a crunchy gearbox and a rattly exhaust.

Any Damage -

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