Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J7K0151762

Owner - Jason A. Kho> Location - Toronto, Ont Canada E-Mail -
Year - 89 Purchase Date - with 39,939 miles
Car Color - Super White Previous Owner - Melanie Burridge Current Milage is 48,000

Options -

Aftermarket - Changed Supercharger oil to FORD SC oil, Use Mobil 1 engine oil and Amsoil in the transmission. It is pretty much stock except for some amber driving lights. I will be putting some 195/55/14 Bridgestone RE71 tires on very, very soon though.

Major Work/Service done to car - Changed coolant and all belts including timing.

Previous History - This car was purchased new by Donald R. Cook in Charlottetown, PEI Canada. The Warranty Registration Date is 05/19/89 (we can assume this is the purchase date +/- a couple days. SteveH). The last service per formed under Donald's name was an oil filter change at 13,000 miles. It was sold to a dealership in West Royalty, PEI at 24,400 miles. Melanie Burrigge from Oromocto, New Brunswick bought the car from the dealer.

Any Damage -

Misc Notes -