Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J6K0149212

Owner - Kerry Woods Location - AL, USA E-Mail -
Year - 89 Purchase Date - March, 1998 with 88,000 miles
Exterior Color - Black Interior Color - Black Current Milage is

This car entered the Registry in mid 1997 and was last updated 12/08/00

Factory Installed Options: 

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Service History - Timing belt replaced at 69,700 miles

Aftermarket -  16" Enkei RF-1's w/ 40 series Yoko A 520's,  Tokico Illuminas,  Eibach eccentric camber bolts,  Eibach Prokit progressive, lowered 1"±, cryoed rotors w/ carbotech brown compound pads, Cusco pulley,  SPAL intercooler fan, NGK tri-electrode plugs, Uni air intake and filter, Mr2 PP custom 304 stainless muffler and rear pipe, stainless pipe in place of cat, TRD header on order, Summers copper contact cap on order, Summers ignition wires on order. (Marc blew his engine, so "on order" may be a while), TRD competition

€lights - Hella Euro w/ 80/100 lamps

€body - replaced cracked rear bumper, repaired steering wheel and center


Audio Upgrades'93 3/1 system (in process)

Previous History - Jeff Peterson owned this vehicle until 80,574 miles. David Hawkins then purchased it sometime in 1997 prior to August. David sold it some time around March/April 1998 to Kerry Wood (he of the Black Witch)

Notes - At present, best guess is that engine is producing abt 180-190 hp at crank, no dyno runs to prove this tho.

Any Damage - console cracks

Engine with Supercharger removed    Parts removed to take the Supercharger out

Polished up and ready to re-install