Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J2K0148106

Owner - Bill Mabon Location - Arlington, VA E-Mail -
Year - 89 Purchase Date - November, 1996 with 54,000 miles
Car Color - Dark Blue Pearl Metallic Interior Color - Blue Current Milage is 67,000

This car entered the Registry on 2/21/97 and the entry was last modified on 12/08/00.

Factory Installed Options: 

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Service History - Front Facia and left front fender repaired. Rusting sections of the floorpan, typically along welding lines, cut out and replaced with "Gorilla Hair" fiberglass putty, 1997. All Belts changed at 54,000. Leaks in AC system fixed and refridgerant added 6/98

Aftermarket - Blitz 15mm oversized supercharger pulley (on order 7/98). Something (fuel additives, water injection improved intercooling, sophisticated knock sensor) will be employed to reduce the chance of detonation with the increased boost. Also installed TRD Header, HKS exhaust, HKS twinpower, SPAL intercooler fan, Bridgestone RE-71 195/55/14 tires, Tokico Illumina adjustable dampners, MR2PP custom (Addco fabricated) rear sway bar, Suspension Techniques front sway bar. Carbotech "Mean Green" pads on the rear brakes, improved brake balance. Momo "Monte Carlo" steering wheel, Recaro modular drivers seat. I have, as a future project, the intention to create a higher dead petal.

Also on hand but not installed yet. TRD bushings and Sarizer steering kit

Audio Upgrades - none, and none planned

Previous History - Barbara Pante was the original owner - John Peacockwas the second owner

Notes - When I purchased the car I knew it had a couple of blown dampners. Driving it home from New Hampshirewas one of the scariest driving experiences of my life. Also, my MR2 had "Road Hugger" tires when I purchased it, and while they were almost brand new. their wet weather performance was deploarable. From experience, as a word of caution to present and future MR2 nuts, I strongly hope that people will keep their suspensions tuned well, and use high quality tires, as the MR2 can be exceedingly dangerous when these needs are not met.

From the little autocrossing I have picked up that narrower shoes really do make heel and toeing much easier. I have found this to be especially true in the MR2.

While not a performance mod, per se, a trick, concealed Valentine Oneradar detector is in the car. Detail of the setup are on my web page.

I keep the car under a cover, and the finish is in good shape, but underbody rust has been a significant problem. I will never buy another car I really care about from as rust prone an area (i.e., the NorthEast) as where my car spent it's early years.

Driving the MR2 requires a greater sensitivity and vigilance than most cars, and while this can be tiring at times, the car is an incredible joy when one is driving well.

The MR2 community (IMOC generally and especially the mailing list) is very knowledgable, as well as a great group of individuals.