Meet Vehicle AW16-0161406

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Owner - Andrew O'Brien Location - Caerphilly, Mid Glam UK E-Mail -
Year - 1989 Purchase Date - December, 2000 with 65,270 miles
Exterior Car Color - Blue Mica Interior Color - Black Current Mileage is 67,700

This car entered the Registry on 03/13/01 and the entry was last modified on 05/12/01.


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PREVIOUS HISTORY - Imported February 15, 1999 from Japan. No history prior to that date. Since February 15, 1999 it has been well serviced at Toyota by previous owner and will continue to be pampered by me.


AFTERMARKET PERFORMANCE MODS - A/C removed to save weight and a light weight battery. It does make a little difference, you can feel it's a little lighter at the rear. Koni adjustable shocks. Superflex suspension bushes. 'Fensport' lowered and uprated own brand springs. Gearbox oil changed to Redline MT-90.

Future Mods - MOMO gearknob and steering wheel. Induction kit. S/S exhaust. Oversize pulley. HKS or Blitz short shifter. Larger Intercooler. Head work. Alloys. Exhaust thermal barrier paint. Speedo to MPH. Remove sped limiter.

AFTERMARKET AUDIO MODS - Pioneer Face Off.  Uprated front speakers (not sure of brand)

PROBLEMS WITH CAR - Few dings and minor scratches - all to be sorted out soon. E/W work but clang a bit - I think the cogs have gone.

MISC NOTES - Clear front indicator lenses. All stripes & stickers removed. Blue painted calipers. MK2 leather seats with leather door inserts. The whole interior has been changed from blue to black.