Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J1K0157038

Owner - Rance Bobo Location - San Jose, CA USA E-Mail -
Year - 1989 Purchase Date - July 19, 2000 with 101,022 miles
Exterior Car Color - Charcoal Gray Interior Color - Gray Current Milage is 101,360

This car entered the Registry on 0/28/00 and the entry was last modified on 12/08/00.


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Previous History - One original owner who let the car sit in a barn for 2 years, because she has two other cars and four horses. Passenger door had to be replaced due to a little ding.

Major Service Work Performed - I have not done any major work but I do know that regular maintenence has been performed on the car

Aftermarket Performance Mods - Only the rims I put on the car

Aftermarket Audio Mods - Not yet but investing in a Sony

Problems with Car - My antenna does not want to go up all the way and I can not close the passenger window from the driver but I can open it

Misc Notes - I would like to find and join a Bay Area club that meet every now and then.

Personal MR2 Web Site - None