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Owner - Rod Gass Location - Blue Springs, MO USA E-Mail -
Year - 1989 Purchase Date - November 1999 with 65,800 miles
Exterior Car Color - Alpine White Interior Color - Blue Current Milage is 65,800

This car entered the Registry on 07/11/00 and the entry was last modified on 12/08/00.


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Previous History - Jennifer Hogan "holed" the motor. I bought the car & installed a low mileage used motor from Japan through Midwets Engine Exchange in Chanute, KS. They delivered the engine on a pallet to my front door for $1120. It was all there including the wiring harness. It complements my Red '88 SC. Wonderful cars aren't they?

Major Service Work Performed - Installed low mileage motor this year (2000). The used Japanese engine had no provisions for EGR (damn the luck). Wierd problems: The engine stumbles whenever the stop lamp comes on. Someday I'll have to track that down., but for now I've removed the stop lamp source fuse. 

Aftermarket Performance Mods - Installed HKS exhaust and Super MegaFlow intake, Progrssive 14" wheels. I'm going to send the muffler to JetHot as soon as it gets here to avoid that ugly dark streak that develops at that first divider plate. Car came with progressive 14" aluminum wheels (15 lbs each). I'm lusting for some of those Racing Hart CP's 16" (10 lbs each). Thought about the $500 pulley deal, but I don't want a HEAVY pulley, which may accelerate that heavy keyway/crank nose wear. I'm all for HP, but not if there's a chance of crankshaft failure. Thinking about formulating an intercooler mod. May be room to parallel a second stock intercooler underneath the exisiting using some Y-Pipes. Cold air inducted to the bottom of the intercooler(s) from the front of the car would seem appropriate. May search for a path. Looking for a high flow catalyzer, but seems to be somewhat elusive. Where does a fellow get one of those ELP pulleys, anyway?

Aftermarket Audio Mods -  Nothing yet. Need to fix the front end cluck first. Bad strut?

Problems with Car - Front end clunk from drivers side. Wheel bearing? Strut? My '88 SC suffers a strangely familiar problem.

Misc Notes - MKI's Rule! I enjoy all the MKI's at the various web sites.

Personal MR2 Web Site - None