Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J8K0149729

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Owner - Jim Thies Location - Loveland, CO USA E-Mail -
Year - 1989 Purchase Date - March 1994 with 87,000 miles
Exterior Car Color - Charcoal Gray Interior Color - Black Current Milage is 150,000

This car entered the Registry on 03/12/00 and the entry was last modified on 12/08/00.


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Previous History - 

Major Service Work Performed -

AfterMarket Performance Mods - TRD header, HKS Air Cleaner, HKS Overdrive Pulley, Suspension Techniques Springs (1 1/2" drop), Koni Adjustable Struts (Race Valved), Rear Sway Bar, Energy Suspension Front Urethane Bushings, American Racing Rims 7" front and 8" rear, Michelin Pilot Tires 195/50R15 (F) and 205/50R15 (R)

Problems with Car - Anything that I place on the dash won't stay there very long

Wiper become marginal above 85 mph

Too much slow traffic (!!!)

Misc Notes - 

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