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Owner - Brian Lofthouse Location - Calgary, ALB Canada E-Mail -
Year - 1989 Purchase Date - September 1999 with 40,625 miles
Exterior Car Color - Alpine White Interior Color - Black Current Milage is 43,750

This car entered the Registry on 11/26/00 and the entry was last modified on 12/08/00.


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Previous History - Bought in Vancouver, BC. Can't find label on door jamb or anywhere, so maybe had accident and repaint.

Aftermarket Performance Mods - Eibachs, Tokiko Illuminas, TRD bushing set, custom 22mm front, 19mm rear swaybars, Enkei RP-02 15x7 wheels and Yoko A032R tires for auto-x and track (Stock teardrops on the street). TRD short shifter. 4 point harness on driver side (kept factory belts for the street). Cusco pulley, IC fan, Autometer boost and a/f gauges in dual pillar pod. K&N cone filter in trunk. Pacesetter header (AE92), 2.5" exhaust system with Ultraflow SS muffler.

Aftermarket Audio Mods - 

Problems with Car - With Cusco pulley, still only gets 11psi max. Rebuilt SC and no change, suggestions welcome.

Misc Notes -

Personal MR2 Web Site - None