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Owner - Alain Murray  Location - La Malbaie, Quebec CA  E-Mail - 
Year - 1988 Purchase Date - August, 2000 with 85,400 miles
Exterior Car Color - Alpine White  Interior Color - Black Current Mileage is 86,000

This car entered the Registry on 05/07/01 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01.


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PREVIOUS HISTORY - Richard Derkhaz from Quebec, his wife using it to go shopping only. It had never been used during the winter and it had been anti-rust treated a couple of times, so the body and chassis are in perfect condition

SERVICE HISTORY - only a leak of the hydraulic clutch system and nothing else said by the previous owner.

AFTERMARKET PERFORMANCE MODS - 15 inch special black wheels with Yokohama tires size 195/50ZR15 (Geeee it holds the road), muffler has been changed by a special one, it's supposed to give 10hp more.

AFTERMARKET AUDIO MODS - None yet but to come

PROBLEMS WITH CAR - Speedometer dropped dead. It's not the speedo neither the cable but prob the little gearbox where the speedo's cable

MISC NOTES - I owned a ordinary 1987 MR2 for 3 years before and had so much fun to drive it. It had 207,000KM (126,000 miles) with the same untouched engine (was taking oil a bit) had passed Quebec's winter and I had a dream to find another white one with T-Top, no winter and supercharged. I did and so glad and proud. The dream was expensive but it is worth it. It's like showroom under it with original paint (a little faded unfortunately). I love this car and I call it my baby and I hope I will be able to keep it and drive it many years.