Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J7J0135396

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Owner - Gary D. Wissinger

Location - Torrance CA, USA

E-Mail -

Year - 88

Purchase Date - July 1990

with 9967 miles

Car Color - Charcoal Gray Metallic

Interior Color - Gray

Current mileage - 79,000

This car entered the Registry on 01/01/98 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01

Factory Installed Options: 

YesYes No Yes Yes

NoYes No AM/FM No  AM/FM/Cassette Yes  AM/FM/Cassette/CD Yes

Major Service Work Performed - Normal Maintenence. Replaced clutch with Centerforce Dual-Friction at 60K miles.

Aftermarket Performance Mods - Centerforce dual-friction clutch, HKS Mega Flow air filter and HKS +10mm oversize SC crank pulley. RS 16x7.5 wheels with Falken 215/40x16 on rear and Falken 205/45x16 on front. Eibach Progressive springs and Tokico Illumina 5-way adjustable shocks.

Aftermarket Audio Mods - Replaced speaker under the drivers seat with two Bazookas, the one behind the passenger seat is an A40 powered unit that a friend gave me and the one behind the drivers seat is a passive unit driven by the amp in the other one. It's far from perfect, but it really kicks your butt.

Problems with Car - Supercharger belts, stock clutches suck (get a dual friction, it rocks) brake rotor warpage (that's probably my fault), paint is fading but if I keep on it things are okay.

Previous History - Carson Toyota CA. USA. Salesman claimed it was driven by the dealership owners daughter to school. I guess she got there really fast cause the rear tires were pretty much toast when I got the car.

Misc Notes - Great little car, but seems to be hard on tires for some reason. I just upgraded the wheels and tires in Oct. 97 and the car really handles great (not that it didn't before).