Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J6J0133465

Owner - Marc C. Brooks Location - St. Louis, MO E-Mail -
Year - 88 Purchase Date - March, 1988 with 37 miles
Car Color - Black Previous Owner - None, Purchased New Current Milage is 147,000

This Vehicle Entered the Registry on 08/11/97 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01

Options - Cruise Control, AC, Teardrop Alloys, T-Tops, Power Window & Door locks, Toyota AM/FM/Cassette.

Aftermarket Performance - Tokico Illumina Shocks and an HKS oversize SC pulley.

Aftermarket Audio - Pioneer DEH-42 stereo, Infinity speakers (front), Optimus bookshelf speakers in back.

Major Work/Service done to car - This car had a complete engine overhaul at 90,000 miles including valve job, new rings and new timimg belt.

Any Damage - In the fall of 1988, I nearly totalled the car in those nasty cables they used to seperate lanes of highways. every single body panel was replaced or repaired except the engine deck lid. But it is happy now. The car has also been repainted Dark Metallic Grey/Green (Sikkens)

Misc Notes - I previously owned a 1986 MR2 MK1 NA (two tone paint). I loved that car, but the SC is so much nicer. I currently have 147,000 miles on my baby and would not trade it for any other MR2. I would trade it for a 911 Club Sport, but that's another story :)