Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J2J0132891

Owner - Kenneth L. Boothe Location - TX, USA E-Mail -
Year - 88 Purchase Date - February 15, 1989 with 2,000 miles
Car Color - Charcoal Gray Interior Color - Gray Current Milage is 125,000

This car entered the Registry in mid 1997 and the entry was last modified on07/22/01.

Factory Installed Options: 

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Service History - Timing belt and all other belts at 65,000 and at 125,000. Valve cover gasket also at 125,000. Muffler at 110,000. Oil changes have beem made every 5000 miles and only Toyota filters and oil have been used. Car runs perfect and uses no oil between changes

Aftermarket - none

Audio Upgrades - none

Previous History - Car was a demo, never registered. Had a M.W.O. title (Manufacturers Statement of Origin). I am the first owner of the vehicle.

Notes - Best car I've ever owned. I never plan on getting rid of it.

Any Damage or Problems - Some trouble with shimmy in the front. Found that if tires are "dual plane balanced" and the weights are put where the balancer says there isn't a problem. Most shops want to put the weights inside the wheels especially if they are fancy wheels. This can cause problems. Put them where the balancer says and the front end runs smooth.