Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J1J0130307

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Owner - Chris Burnham  Location - Oceanside, CA USA E-Mail -
Year - 1988 Purchase Date - December 17, 2000  with 32,700 miles
Exterior Car Color -  Interior Color -  Current Mileage is 34,500

This car entered the Registry on 08/16/00 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01.


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PREVIOUS HISTORY - Parked in a vehicle storage lot in a mobile home park, under a car cover for 10 years. Last registration tag was dated 1990. DMV records showed no record of this vehicle in their system. I work for a towing company and I did the impound at the request of the property managers. After the lien process took it's course and nobody inquired about or disputed ownership I negotiated with my boss to pick up the car for $2000. As far as I the original owner all I know about him is he liked computers, cameras and travelling. This is all based on what I cleaned out of the car after buying it. Other then that all else is a mystery.

SERVICE HISTORY - None that I know of.

AFTERMARKET PERFORMANCE MODS - 16" Konig Villians, 205/40VR16 Nitto Extreme Performance tires, I plan on putting in a HKS Super Mega Flow air filter system and a HKS supercharger crank pulley.

AFTERMARKET AUDIO MODS - Alpine AM/FM/CD receiver (CDM-7854) with 4" Eclipse in the front and 5.25" under the seats


MISC NOTES - I have owned a '88 MR2 NA (which I now sold to my dad) and I must say that I love both the NA and SC but you just can't beat the raw low end power of the SC. It is a blast to drive and the handling is great. If anyone has a MR2 with less mileage than mine I would be curious to know, because this is the lowest original mileage supercharged MR2 I have ever found on the internet.

Purchased from Michael Doherty