Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J9J0129616

Owner - Michael Newell

Location - Pullman WA USA

E-Mail -

Year - 88

Purchase Date -January 17, 1998

with 116,945 miles

Car Color - Atlas Silver Metallic

Interior Color - Gray

Current mileage - 118,000

This car entered the Registry on 03/06/98 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01

Factory Installed Options: 

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Major Service Work Performed - To be honest with you, the previous owner really neglected this car.  When I bought it, the clutch master cylinder needed to be rebuilt because of limited clutch action.  The thing is, the previous owner drove the car around with this problem for about six months or so.  Also, the T-tops leak on the car.  Considering how much it's going to cost to get new seals, I think I'll live with getting a little wet.  The only things that I know that have been replaced are the starter and the exhaust system.  Timing belt still needs to be changed.

AfterMarket Performance Mods - Other than a custom exhaust with what appears to be larger tips than stock, nothing has been modified.

Aftermarket Audio Mods - Not until I get more money this summer.  

Problems with Car - Small little problems annoy me.  Simple things that the previous owner didn't take care of are starting to show up/annoy me.   The interior light doesn't work.  The power antenna works sometimes.  The above mentioned T-top leak isn't too bad.

Previous History - It seems that this car was originally purchased on Aug. 11, 1988.  It was purchased by a Mr. John Kimble, from Performance Toyota in Memphis, TN.  My impression from the guy who I got it from was that the original owner brought the car with him to Guam.  This is where the second owner came into owning it.  I believe this was around 1992.  The second owner was in the Navy, and stationed on the USS Nimitz.  He brought the car with him to Wasington State, when the Nimitz was in for "repairs."  When the Nimitz was ready to leave Washington and go back to the East Coast, he had to sell the car, because it would cost too much to ship it.  That's where I come into the picture and am now the third owner of the car.

Misc Notes -