Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J9J0129566

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Owner - Karl Pope

Location - Suffolk, VA USA

E-Mail -

Year - 1988

Purchase Date - March, 1999

with 133,437 miles

Car Color - Super Red

Interior Color - Black

Current mileage - 134,479

This car entered the Registry on 03/14/99 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01

Factory Installed Options: 

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checkoff.gif (882 bytes)checkoff.gif (882 bytes) WB01371_.gif (289 bytes) AM/FM checkoff.gif (882 bytes)  AM/FM/Cassette checkoff.gif (882 bytes)  AM/FM/Cassette/CD checkoff.gif (882 bytes)

Major Service Work Performed - Replaced distributor shaft O-ring.

AfterMarket Performance Mods -

Aftermarket Audio Mods - Replaced rear overhead speakers with Infinity's

Problems with Car - Broken, VSV and BVSV, vacuum hoses not routed properly (waiting on parts), drivers side window missing teeth on motor drive (next project), missing both triangular panels in front corner of doors that provide access to power mirrors.

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