Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J3J0129208

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Owner - Mark Schuh Location - Kansas City, MO USA E-Mail -
Year - 1988 Purchase Date - July 22, 1999 with 98,500 miles
Car Exterior Color - Dark Blue Pearl Car Interior Color - Black Current Milage is 99,500

This car entered the Registry on 07/23/99 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01 .

Factory Installed Options: 

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Previous History - I bought the car from Randy Eichoff of KC, MO. The car is in incredible shape with a paint job a couple years old.

Service History - Had the AC recharged shortly agter purchase. Future plans include replacing all belts and fluid filters

Aftermarket - The car is completely stock at this time. I may consider a larger crank pulley for more boost and suspension improvements. 

Audio Upgrades - None at this time, but plan on installing a new head with a mini-disc player and/or a mini-disc changer with some nice speakers and a 6 1/2" powered bazooka sub behind the passenger seat.

Any Damage

Notes - T-tops drip during heavy downpours and high pressure washing.

Misc - I love it..I love it..I love it!

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