Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J6J0127719

Owner - Kenneth R. Preuss Jr. Location - Florida, USA E-Mail -
Year - 88 Purchase Date - January 1994 with 100,000 miles
Car Color - Torrid Red Previous Owner - Unknown Current Milage is 195,000

Options - T-Tops, AC, Power Windows & Door Locks, AM/FM/Cassette

Aftermarket - Used Engine (with 30,000 miles) & Transmission (with 50,000 miles) just installed. Had no problems until 195,000 miles. HKS Power Pulley and TRD header.

Aftermarket - Pioneer FH-M75, Infinity oversized 4" in dash and 3.5" rear. Punch 200 and Pioneer changer and Pioneer DSP in Clock display.

Major Work/Service done to car -

Any Damage - Front end damage from 100 lb dog at 45 mph. Fire in rear that happened before I bought it.

Misc Notes - The engine that came with this car is/was bulletproof. The only problems I ever had was with the idler pulleys that wear out every 100K miles. The alternator was replaced by myself at 140K, but I had a large amount of stereo equipment w/a heavy current draw. BTW, the alternator comes out through the side intake very well. I deliver pizzas for a living and this car never gave me ANY trouble. I bought a '93 RX-7 a year and a half ago and just sold it. I hope to make my MR2 faster the the Rx. The Rx runs a 13.8 and my modified MR2 runs a 14.8 in the 1/4.