Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J0J0127575

Owner - Joe Siedenburg Location - Rantoul, IL USA E-Mail -
Year - 1988 Purchase Date - June, 1999 with miles 125,000
Car Color - Torrid Red Interior Color - Gray Current Milage is 126,000

This car entered the Registry on 11/16/1999 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01 .

Factory Installed Options: 

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Previous History - I purchased the car from an older farmer who claimed he and his wife used the car to go into town and buy groceries. Does this make sense to you? I still haven't figured out where they put the groceries. 

Service History - Since buying the car I've gone bumper to bumper doing maintenance and making sure the car is solid. I replaced the front brake rotors upon purchasing the car due to warped rotors. I changed the oil and the transmission fluid to Mobil1 full synthetic ans I'm using Slick50 synthetic oil treatment. When the car was purchased it had rust on one wheel well - paid $250 to have shop fiberglass and paint fender. I plan to put in a new radiator and all new exhaust.

Aftermarket Performance Mods - Right now I haven't made any performance modifications but I plan to soon. I added a K&N filtercharger, but wish I had just bought a cold air intake - I plan to in the next few months - the K&N was a waste of money. I plan on getting new exhaust soon and I also plan on putting in a different supercharger pulley to up the boost.

Audio Upgrades - Advent player with new Kenwood 4" speakers in the dash and tweeter in the rear pillars.150 watt amp under the passenger seat with MTX 6x9's behind the seats in boxes.

Any Damage or Problems - I have experienced problems with overheating which could be due to deterorating radiator. I have experienced numerous problems with exhaust falliung apart and new exhaust pipe from Toyota is $300. Do I have any options here?

Misc Notes - My MR2 also has a factory installed Toyota radar detector. I have been told this wasn't an option, but my car has it. This car is in beautiful shape and still runs/looks like new.