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Owner - Adam Mase  Location - Kennebunk, ME USA E-Mail - 
Year - 1988 Purchase Date - August 2000 with 129,000 miles
Exterior Car Color - Super Red Interior Color - Black Current Mileage is 132,000

This car entered the Registry on 04/02/01 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01.


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PREVIOUS HISTORY - The previous owner appeared to take good care of the car, most necessary maintenance had been done (Supercharger oil, timing belt, etc...) 

SERVICE HISTORY - When I got the car the clutch was in great need of replacement. I replaced it with a TRD Kevlar clutch, which I have been very happy with so far (none of the reported chattering). Also did some brake rebuilding.

AFTERMARKET PERFORMANCE MODS - KYB struts, K&N Filtercharger, Accel ignition coil, TRD Kevlar racing clutch, 15W-50 Mobil1 Synthetic Oil, Momo Superanatomic shift knob, Ken Farrel leather custom shift boot, tinted windows, (and large "Toyota Racing Development" decal)

AFTERMARKET AUDIO MODS - JVC receiver w/12 CD changer on back wall, JBL 404GTi coupled components in front (2) Pioneer IMPP subwoofers behind seats.

PROBLEMS WITH CAR - The current major problems with the car are the rust developing in the rear arches and a small oil leak.

MISC NOTES - It was very nice to bring my 2 out for the first time this spring (last week)! Such a pleasure after driving my winter beater all winter. I plan to add a number of performance modification after the "needs" are fixed.