Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J0J0124885

Owner - Ken Tokowitz Location - Vernon, IL USA E-Mail -
Year - 1988 Purchase Date - July 24, 1994 with miles 56,621
Car Color - Alpine White Interior Color - Blue Current Milage is 70,309

This car entered the Registry on 11/21/1999 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01 .

Factory Installed Options: 

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Previous History - Unknown

Service History - I have been in the process of restoring this car since I bought it in 1994. The engine leaked everywhere and the transmission was FUBAR. I have some friends that work at Libertyville Toyota, (Libertyville, IL) and they always take good care of me. The mechanic that works on my car has received national recognition as one of the best Toyota mechanics in the country. He is the only person that so much as gets in my car. We pulled the motor twice, and resealed the entire thing from the bottom up. The trans was a mess, so we rebuilt it replacing 75% of the parts with brand new O.E.M. gears, synchros, and shifting forks. An alternator and axle seal later... she was ready to roll. I replaced all pads and rotors, (O.E.M.) a wiring harness in the passenger door, and two wheels (brand new teardrops) that were badly bent from the previous owner(s).

Aftermarket Performance Mods - The list is extensive and far from complete. I started with new tires, (185 x 60 x 14 Yokohama AVS Intermediates) and upgraded the entire suspension. TRD bushings, Tokico strut inserts, and TRD springs. A set of Suspension Techniques swaybars have yet to be installed. (Not enough time) I plan to upgrade in a year or two to the adjustable Illuminas. I added a TRD short-throw shifter for good measure, and filled the newly rebuilt trans with Redline MT-90. A TRD Stainless header and HKS Supercharger exhaust came next. An HKS oversized pulley, HKS powerflow intake and HKS twin power ignition have also been added. I will update this list as I go.

Audio Upgrades - You can't drive without tunes... so a few years ago I put in a top of the line Pioneer CD player/tuner

Any Damage or Problems - I store the car at least six months out of the year. I run it up about once a month to let the oil circulate. It is driven less then 3,000 miles per year and I plan to keep her forever. A full body restore is in the near future, and I have plenty of other far-out ideas for my little 1.6 liter.

Misc Notes -