Meet Vehicle JT2AW16JXJ0124375

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Owner - Eric Charnholm

Location - San Diego, CA USA

E-Mail -

Year - 88

Purchase Date - March 1997

with 138,500 miles

Car Color - Black

Interior Color - Black

Current mileage - 142,000

This car entered the Registry on 11/1/1998 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01

Factory Installed Options: 

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Major Service Work Performed - I have no knowledge of any previous service history on the car


    GENERAL - Car was purchased with the intent to build the best balanced MKI possible. Currently (11/1/98) car is nearing completion and is being readied for paint. All unnessecary weight has been removed from the car including the removal of interior, glass, retractable headlights and their linkages, steel bumpers, A/C compressor, Stock Supercharger and some factory body panels. Carbon fiber replacementshave found their way into the old panels homes including tailight panel, headlight buckets, door panels, and a one piece engine/trunk lid. Car is approximately 400 pounds lighter then stock.

    ENGINE - Modifications are extensive including: Eaton Supercharger with custom fabricated pulley (20.5 lbs boost), NOS, Hatch engine management system, J.E. forged pistons, shot peened rods, proted and polished head, reground cams, HKS or TRD header (undecided as of 11/1/98) matched up with hand fabricated exhaust. Intercooler is housed in a 5 foot widealuminum rear wing out back, Intercooler plumbing feeds directly through the engine cover. Power is fed through a clutch and flywheel (8 lbs) designed and built by Meuller Fabrications. Tranny has been brought up to task and includes Quaiffe LSD.

    BRAKES - were custom fit to this vehicle since no-one is making a big brake kit for this model. Brakes consist of Wilwood Superlite II calipers in the front, 10.8" stainless rears.

   SUSPENSION - Mods include Ground Control coil overs front and rear with multi-adjustable struts all around. Wheels are 15 lb Black Racing Phantom M-1s in a 16x7 size.

    INTERIOR - Incorporates a full roll cage from Autopower surrounding a single fiberglass racing seat, full harness, Autometer gauges, aircraft switches and one of John's short shift kits (which installed incredibly easy I must say. Thanks John!).

At this time I am undecided about a couple items such as tires, strut manufacturer, and side view mirrors. Any suggestions/comments are welcome. Car should be up and running in January 1999.

Aftermarket Audio Mods -

Problems with Car -

Previous History - Car was severely mistreated and neglected by previous owners.

Misc Notes - A Web page related to this car will follow shortly. Many of the fabricated parts that were made to build this car, such as the Eaton Supercharger modification, carbon fiber tailight and headlight treatments and carbon door panels will be available for purchase in the near future.

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