Meet Vehicle JT2AW16JXJ0124151

Owner - Adam Argenbright Location - Baltimore, MD USA E-Mail -
Year - 88 Purchase Date - December 23, 1996 (Merry Christmas!) with 62,400 miles
Car Color - Racing Metallic Blue Previous Owner - Karen Friedman, Owing Mills, MD Current Milage is 82,000

This car entered the Registry in Mid 1997 and the entry was last modified on 12/06/97

Options - All power, T-Tops, Auto w/ECT, Cruise Control, Best Factory Radio

Interior color - Black

Aftermarket - HKS Exhaust, SC Pulley and Air filter

Major Work/Service done to car - None

Previous History - 2nd Owner. Serviced by Toyota upto and including 60K service. One of 600 cars w/automatic transmission

Any Damage - Rust in rear fenders (getting fixed)

Misc Notes - This car is completely stock