Meet Vehicle JT2AW16J9J0124139

Owner - Mike Fredericksen Location - Nashville, TN USA E-Mail -
Year - 1988 Purchase Date - 1994 with miles 80,000
Car Color - Dark Blue Pearl Interior Color - Blue Current Milage is 131,000

This car entered the Registry on 11/01/1999 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01 .

Factory Installed Options: 

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Previous History - Unknown

Service History - Starter replaced in 1997. Brake pads and rotors in 1998.

Aftermarket Performance Mods -  None

Audio Upgrades - None

Any Damage or Problems - Warped Brake rotors. New pads and resurfacing or replacing the rotors altogether only fixed the shimmy for about 5000 miles or so, the the rotors seem to warp again.

Misc Notes - I paid 6K for this car in 1994. I have enjoyed every second of driving it ever since. I have had no major  mechanical problems with it in 50K+ of driving it. It truley is an everyday supercar. I have driven it very hard at times, and mechanically it is as sound as the day I bought it. It smokes other cars. The original Blue paint still shines like new every time I wash it. I still look forward to driving it when I get off of work. I read some negative reviews about the chassis/suspension/handling of the car after I owned it for awhile, and I was surprised. Mine handles like a dream. Maybe someone did some suspension mods before I got it, or more then likely, R&T was just nit picking.