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Owner - Robert Duran Location - Antelope, CA USA E-Mail -
Year - 1988 Purchase Date - August 29, 2000 with 112,511 miles
Exterior Car Color - Orange Pearl Mica Interior Color - Black Current Milage is 114,206

This car entered the Registry on 11/03/00 and the entry was last modified on 07/22/01.


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PREVIOUS HISTORY -  I am the third owner. The car was originally bought in Canada and was brought into the US in 1996 by the second owner who did all the required paperwork. The previous owner used the car for autocrossing and won some plaques. I bought it from him in August of 2000 when he decided he wanted to do go kart racing instead of autocrossing.

MAJOR SERVICE WORK - The timing belt was replaced in September 2000. So was the O2 sensor and the catalytic converter. New brakes were also put on at that time along with a new front bumper cover which was damaged during the second owners watch. All new plugs and wires and the supercharger oil was replaced along with belts and pulleys for the supercharger and A/C system.

AFTERMARKET PERFORMANCE MODS - 16x8 Work RS/1 wheels with 205/45ZR16 front and 225/45ZR16 rear Kuhmo tires. The wheels were originally painted white but I had the paint removed and then had them polished. Cross drilled rotors, HKS exhaust that I alternate with the factory muffler, HKS power flow intake, 27mm front and 21mm rear TD adjustable sway bars. The car was originally lowered 1.5" but it rode to hard for me so I put on brand new OEM springs. random Tecnology hi-flow catalytic converter. Front mount battery kit.

AFTERMARKET AUDIO MODS - A Pioneer 140 watt SuperTuner CD player with Infinity speakers

PROBLEMS WITH CAR - It has a slight shimmy in the front end that I can't seem to get rid of. It originally didn't pass smog, but that has been remedied. It is hard to shift between 1st and 2nd (and no it's not the synchros, it's just stuff)

MISC. NOTES - I'm getting a Fensport pulley kit for the supercharger. I'm considering replacing my single DIN CD/Cassette combo. And if anybody has a line on header that works better then TRD's please drop me a line. And lastly, I'm looking into lowering the seat in the car as I'm 6'1" and barely fit.

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