Cusco Pulley Instructions

in English 

Courtesy, -Joji Luz, Toysport (via Sammy, '88sc)

Cusco Power Up Kit Installation Proceedure:

C o n t e n t s -
     Idler Pulley
     Crank Pulley
     Supercharger Belt
     Timing Plate [indicator]

N / A -
     Pressure Controller (not included, optional, but you'll see apicture of what looks like a wastegate in your instructions)

I n s t a l l a t i o n   P r o c e e d u r e -

1.  Start the engine and adjust the ignition timing 10 degrees. At this time, connect the T and E of the check connector (Graphic Provided) [...unit marked "diagnostics," located backside of your intercooler]

     General note, #1: If it was misconnected, it might cause a mechanical failure, so please do not make mistake [...reference to the ominous consequences of inadvertantly selecting from any other letter of the alphabet when looping the wire from E to T; no worry... the directions have a real good graphic].

2.  Loosen the alternator belt and the idler pulley for the supercharger belt, then remove the belt.

3.  Remove the crank pulley (2 graphics). Follow the pictures below for the proceedure order:
     a.  Remove engine mount
     b.  Use SST to remove the crank pulley [... reference to supersonic passenger aircraft]

4.  Cut and remove the inspection needle for the ignition timing.

5.  Install the crank pulley from the kit. After installation, place the engine mount to the original location.

6.  Remove the idler pulley for the supercharger

7.  Install the Idler pulley from the kit. The supplied spacer goes on the engine side.

8.  Install the stock alternator belt and the supplied supercharger belt.

9.  Please adjust the tension of the belts on each pulley. Preferred tension will be 10 kilograms, with 3.5 to 4 millimeters for both alternator and supercharger sides.

10.  Install the supplied timing plate, using the oil pan installation belt [sic] and bolt it together (graphic)[it's very straight forward]

11.  Start the engine and connect the check connectors. [reference to proceedure 1]

12.  By using the timing light, adjust the timing plate to the location 10 degrees of the pulley. See bottom picture number two.

13.  Release the check connector
     General Note, #13:
     a.  If air filter is dirty, enging would not run smooth
     b.  Please adjust the belts after driving [... which I have done, ad nausium]

T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g -

Q.     Belts make noise when reving the engine during the idle up to 5,000 rpm
A:     Pulley belt may be slipping. Please adjust it.

Q.     Boost pressure drops after 4,000 rpm.
A.     Pulley belt may be slipping. Please adjust it.
A.     Air filter may be dirty. Please wash it or replace it with new one

Q.     Engine knocks (detonates) a lot.
A.     Check the spark plugs. Some situations require colder plug
A.     Please check ignition timing
A.     Please check air filter. [... in other words, get a new air filter].