Adjusting a squealing Supercharger belt

You press the gas pedal and somewhere near the top third of the rev range you hear the dreaded squeal and the boost either stops building or decreases. What is the problem?

It's a squealing belt. Bring a 3/8" ratchet, about 20" of extension, a 14mm socket and a 14mm combo wrench. When you get there ASK if it's okay to try to tighten the belt. Then look down into the engine bay. On the passenger side you find a yellow colored dipstick. Pull it out about halfway (or all the way out)and you'll see a 14mm bolt down beneath it. Take the 14mm socket on the 20" extension/ratchet and tighten the bolt. It should have some resistence (about 20-25lbs/ft) but if it feels like a tightened down bolt then you'll have to go under the car and loosen the idler wheel. This is located to the rear of the crank pulley. Use the 14mm wrench and loosen it 1/4 to 1/2 turn and then try to tighten the bolt above. Once you've got the belt good and tight, tighten the idle nut again.

Spend some time to adjust the tension on the belt. You can get all the fancy tension readers you want but I think the best way to tighten the SC belt is to loosen it until it squeals and then tighten it just past the point where it stops squealing. This places the minimum amount of stress on the crank and water pump pulley while providing full boost.