Changing the Transmission Fluid

Okay, so you've decided to change the transmission fluid. You bought the fluid (you did buy Redline MT-90 didn't you?), found the drain plug, drained the oil, put the wrench on the where the BGB says to fill it (you did buy the BGB didn't you?), and it won't open. . Now what do you do. All the old oil is in a pan and your transmission is empty with no way to refill it.

You should've checked that first. Luckily there is a second way to fill the transmission. Even luckier is that this second way is an even easier way. You'll need to remove the intercooler to do this but that only takes ten minutes. With the intercooler out and standing on the drivers side (LHD) This is the view you should see (well the yellow circle won't be there). All you need to do is take a 24mm socket and remove the bolt. Now you have a nice big hole straight into the transmission to pour your MT-90. While the BGB calls for 4.4 qts I have found that you can't drain the transmission completely dry. I have found that 3.5-3.75 quarts will fill the transmission up causing it to run out the factory fill hole like it's supposed to.