Bill Gotro (Toronto, Canada) writes;

Just want to share this with the list - we had a lapping day at Shannonville Motorsport Park near Belleville, Ont, on Monday, July 14th. There were EIGHT MkI's there!!! Seven of them were supercharged and the remaining one was a well looked after '86 NA that has spent at least half it's life at redline on the track! Incredible day with all these cars.

We got all the Two's lined up in the pit lane and several guys took photos. A couple are on the list and hopefully some of the pics will find their way to the Web site.

The July 14th lapping day at Shannonville Motorsport Park (SMP) in Ontario, Canada, was put on by the Alfa Club of Ottawa, specifically by Greg Connolly, with help from Bruce Laycraft of Oshawa. This is an annual event and the odd year sees two of these lapping days. Costs are relatively low for something like this, ie. $75 in advance and anywhere from $15-25 at the track, depending on the number of people that respond. Still a good deal! Those who choose to pay at the track usually must pay approximately $120.

The day starts with a short drivers meeting at approximately 8:30 in the morning where the rules are explained. Passing is only allowed on the straight sections of track and the person being passed must signal to let the passing driver know on which side he/she can pass. Usually the passing driver is directed off the racing line to complete the pass. Also, if a driver goes off the track, he/she must come in to have the car checked over (and to settle down a bit). A second off and you're on your way home!

There are no run groups. Rather, lapping starts at 9:00 and runs to 17:00. You can go out whenever you want and how often you want. Since the track used at SMP is a relatively short, tight track and very technical, it is recommended you stay out no longer than 20 minutes per hour in order to give your brakes and tires a chance to cool down. I usually allow myself a new set of pads for an SMP lapping day and consider them finished for further track use once the day comes to an end.

Novices are always welcome and we are more than happy to take them around in our cars to get them used to the line and we are also available to go out with them in their cars.

Overall, the fun factor at one of Greg's events is very high and if you can make it out to the next one, do so! You won't regret it!

Tommy Guttmann (Montreal, Canada) wrote:

Yes, it was a lot of fun. I don't think there have been this many SCs together in one spot since they were coming out of the factory in Japan... .I'm in the 4th car (white) from the left.

We got all the Two's lined up in the pit lane and several guys took photos. Here are the seven MK I SCs and one NA from the Shannonville event. The cars and drivers (from right to left are; Alvin Ng ('89 SC), Anthony Culverwell ('88 SC), Bruce Laycraft ('86 NA), Bill Gotro ('88 SC), Tommy Guttman ('88 SC), Tim McGowan ('88 SC), Jamie McMahon, Raagi Pandya.