Unbalanced Engineering Short Shift Kit

Also know as the Jon Oellrich short shift kit


A simple, easy and inexpensive way to reduce the shifter throw on your '85-'89 or '90-'92 Mr2.

'85-'89 kit: $25
'90-'92 kit: $25

Prices include shipping in the United States and Canada, add $5 for shipping elsewhere.


The kit is made up of a bracket, illustrated instructions and all required hardware to retrofit your existing shifter for a shorter throw. You can install the kit with the shifter in place, making this a very quick and easy installation. Basically, you just lift the shifter boot, bolt the kit in and replace the boot. You should need only a wrench and five to ten minutes even for the mechanically disinclined. For '85-'89 MR2s total reduction is about 25%, and for '90-'92 cars it is about 33%. You will also notice more positive feedback when shifting. For me this has meant no more ground gears (even at the auto-x) despite bad synchros in 2nd gear, since I can feel them engaging better now. (Redline trans fluid helped, too, if this is a problem in your car.) The kits are available any time, so the only thing you should have to wait for is the mail.


This kit has been well received by the members of the International MR2 Owners' Club, for information on IMOC go to MR2.com. Should you find that you have any problems with the kit or its installation, just let us know. To receive ordering instructions or if you have any other questions or just want to talk MR2s, please email us at info@unbalancedengineering.com or fill out our contact form.