KVR 11" Big Brake Kit for Mk1 MR2s (front only):

For more info, contact KVR in Canada @ 1-800-636-0854

Fits under most 15" applications, making it possible to use popular R compound tires.


- 2 Wilwood Dynalite II "billet" 4 piston calipers (2.5lbs ea) w/internal fluid crossovers

- 2 Mounting Brackets with Hardware

- 2 11" x .81" Coleman "radially" vented discs and aluminum center hats

- 2 Stainless Steel lines

- 2 bottles of high temp brake fluid

- 1set Hawk HB100 pads in whatever compound your application requires.

comments and observations re Wilwood Dynalite II calipers:

These rigid, billet calipers not only afford a rock-hard pedal (reducing caliper flex compared to OE), but thereby improve modulation at "threshold" too.

They are relatively inexpensive individually, so it likely will not be worthwhile rebuilding them later on. Most racers just toss them...

I did have a problem with the OE Wilwood bleeder screws weeping as they have a small ridge on their seats, but this problem was inexpensively addressed by replacing them with standard 1/4x28NF bleeder screws (available at all auto parts stores for small ATVs, etc). I suggest changing these right away...

comments and observations re Coleman Discs:

Coleman discs are well known in racing circles and the material used is durable for this kind of application. Their "radially" vented design affords improved heat dissipation as well. These discs can be grooved if desired, but there's more than enough CF without this and bias is about perfect for me. I don't recommend it and the pads will last longer without being scalloped.

One problem I had was that the aluminum mounting hats were "slightly" thicker than stock, necessitating longer wheel studs. I doubt this will be an issue for others as most wheels have less meaty center sections than my custom Revolution RFXs. Nevertheless, close attention should be paid to this detail. I only found the required longer studs from Yoshio @ Japanese Automotive, but now understand that "some" Land Cruiser studs are also suitable...

comments and observations re Hawk Pads:

I use the "HP Plus" compound. This is a good combination for street/track although a bit dusty for everyday use. They afford good bias (not too much c/f) and are as gentle on discs as a regular street pad. Rated @ 800F like the "Black" compound, but with better cold temp properties and less c/f...not to mention that they don't chew rotors when cold! (unlike "Black") The milder, (dust free) "HPS" street pads should be optimal for AutoX as they have even lower c/f...but beware, they will flake out on track, likely damaging the discs in the process.

For a dedicated "track only" car (no street use) or Endurance Racing, the "Blacks" can be considered, but since they can't be run cold and since the c/f is higher, they may be more difficult to modulate and prone to earlier lock-up unless perhaps using super grippy Hoosiers on a very hot and sticky surface. I wouldn't even consider the "Blues" unless all-out racing on "slicks" or even lighter pedal pressure is required...along with a similar, custom compound in rear.


An earlier, far less expensive kit, using 11", 1pc Brembo VW/Corrado discs (with centering rings) has been discontinued because of inconsistencies re hub clearance when used in this particular (non-intended by VW) application.

In hindsight, as a "race" application, the VW based kit made little sense anyway as the discs were far heavier than OE. The new 2 pc Coleman set-up, despite being larger is only about 60% of OE weight (and FAR less than the VW kit's weight!) This is a vast reduction in not only unsprung weight (along with lightweight calipers), but in reciprocating mass as well has an immediately noticeable effect on handling as well...not just braking.

It should be noted however, that this is not a street intended application as the Wilwood calipers have no dust seals on the pistons...and realistically, with proper pad selection, the OE brakes will be adequate for any "street" application anyway.

Despite many problems getting the first few kits out, KVR now commit to 4-6weeks delivery and claim to have ironed out some problems which were caused by the cheaper VW based kits.

Cost is currently US$1000 or CDN$1500 (subject to change) and all inquiries should be addressed directly to Andy at KVR 1-800-636-0854.

Unfortunately they don't answer email, but you can also fax at 1-613-746-2479



2 x MR2SC, COM SCC #11 SPC